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Tombstone, Arizona Territory  (Photos)
Itís an oasis. A refuge for international travelers looking for the REAL America, the true Old West, here in Cochise County. Where you'll walk on the same boardwalk as Wyatt Earp, on his way to the OK Corral shootout. Drink in the same saloons. And, if you want, ride a horse down the old trails and shoot your single-action .45 revolver at targets in the sweet-smelling sagebrush. 

Tourist or Tour Operator, we're here to help you make arrangements for food, lodging, special events, as well as film and video production assistance. Call the Visitors Center at (520) 457-3929 for fast help!

Cochise County -- The Land Of Legends

Tombstone is the 'hub in the wagon wheel' when you come to explore beautiful Cochise County. From our central location, it is very easy to see other nearby attractions --

1. Kartchner Caverns west of Benson

2.  A real train you can drive in the Benson Visitor Center

3. Top-flight wineries in the Willcox AVA Appellation

4. Chiracahua National Park 'sky island', home of the Apaches, southeast of Willcox

5. Tombstone -- stagecoaches, saloons, gunfights, great food

6. Fort Huachuca, home of the 'Buffalo Soldiers', at Sierra Vista... nature walks and biking in Ramsey and Carr Canyons... and the Coronado National Monument just a few miles away

7. The Copper Queen mine down at Bisbee, close to unique art galleries and shops and fine dining

8. The Gadsden Hotel in Douglas ... where Pancho Villa rode his horse up the marble stairs!

But we're just scratching the surface.
There's so much more to see in Cochise County... you'll want to stay in Tombstone for at least three days to enjoy this beautiful land where Apaches, soldiers, miners, cattlemen and rustlers all combined to forge Western history.

Tombstone is a Real West 'oasis' 
No fast food places, no shopping malls. Unbelievable sunsets. Air so clear you can often see 50 miles away. We are on a little mesa, between the Dragoon mountains to the north and the Huachucas to the south. The Apaches were often in the Dragoons, and the Buffalo Soldiers were in the Army fort by the Huachucas. They fought here for years. And then one day in 1878 prospector Ed Schieffelin found silver in the hills just south of today's city. The boom was on!

Portrait in Schieffelin Hall.

Tombstone -- a perfect vacation, a great place to live

Don't be surprised if you want to move here. We welcome newcomers with warmth and friendship. There's a fine new hospital nearby, and all the stores you'd ever want in Sierra Vista, about 15 minutes away. Real estate and services are inexpensive, and taxes are low. For a small town with less than 1500 residents, we sure have a lot going on! Check out these links to get an idea of the businesses and attractions you'll find here -- as well as exciting upcoming events. Hope to see you soon!

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Maybe the best place to start is with a tour. We have several -- two bright red and one emerald green stagecoach tours, and two trolley tours. And several ghost tours after dark. But you might want to give Dr. Jay a call. He does walking tours, and they are excellent. You'll get an up-close look at our historic town, with a thorough explanation of its facts and legends. He's at 520 457-9876 --

Check out our main tourism website -- -- for a really complete up-to-date list of all our attractions and businesses.

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Food & Drink

So many places! For breakfast, how do you choose between the OK Cafe, The Chuckwagon, or the Longhorn? Picking a great place for lunch or dinner is even harder... there are so many, and they are all so good, so you'll have to extend your stay for at least a week to sample them all. See the Street Map below ... and enjoy!

As for saloons, you're in luck! If you start your evening at the Four Deuces, and work your way west along Allen Street, stopping at Big Nose Kates, the Crystal Palace (oldest bar in Arizona), and Doc Hollidays... but wait! There's more! Just a little further down Allen St at 10th, you'll find Johnny Ringos/The Depot, and Crazy Annies

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Cochise County Map (click image for a large 5 MB JPG)

Tombstone street map - click image for a
2pg PDF set up to print on 8.5" x 14" paper

Detailed 1882 street map -- click image for a large JPG,
perfect for printing on 11" x 17" or A4 paper
(map courtesy of Sherry Monahan)

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The Nugget

Back when, the Nugget was Tombstone's second newspaper after the Epitaph. They disagreed on everything, including what actually happened at the OK Corral gunfight. Today, thanks to the internet, the Nugget is back. Click on the image below to download the Nugget PDF...

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All the images on this website are copyright-free / public domain, yours to use for personal, educational, and commercial purposes. And, if you're another publication, you don't even have to print a photo credit. Just tell your readers to come to Tombstone for a visit!

The Longhorn Restaurant, at 5th and Allen.
The Crystal Palace in the rain. Tradition? A shot of Old Overholt with water on the side, no ice.
The Crystal Palace under reconstruction, 2017... with the 1920s signage revealed.
The Bird Cage Theatre in the rain. Don't worry, we only get 14" a year here.
Inside the Bird Cage. Everything as it was, a must-see on your visit here. Ghosts at night, too.
Rainbow over Allen Street.
It's 1880 -- imagine coming into Tombstone on the stagecoach! Today, take the tour.
The green Butterfield Stage tour.
Last stagecoach tour at sunset. Looks chilly, but we ain't Minnesota! Ever!
Quiet evenings, only the sounds of walking along the boardwalk on Allen Street. You can be lost in time here.
Sometimes our street celebrations get a little out of hand.
Christmas at the Old Courthouse on Toughnut St., now a State Park Museum.
Big Nose Kates saloon -- fine food, great music.
Sunset over Las Lomas Platas -- the Silver Hills of Tombstone.
The Goodenough Silver Mine Tour -- the first big strike that made Tombstone rich.
Riders in a holiday parade on Allen Street.
Folklorico dancers in a summer parade.
Color guard on parade outside the Bird Cage.

Tombstone. Where you can dress in period costumes and go back in time. And, once here, you may never want to back to that outside world, out beyond our oasis. Back to stress and freeways and traffic jams. Come for a day, stay the weekend, buy a second home here. And, when the time's right, move here for good!


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