Welcome to the only Gothic Revival church ever made of adobe! Here in Tombstone since 1882, we have services every Sunday at 10:30 AM. Visitors of all faiths are welcome, and, if you come dressed in 1880s period clothing, wonderful...


St. Paul's. It's a story -- how young Rev. Endicott Peabody,  lawman Wyatt Earp, miners, merchants and 'ladies of the evening' somehow got the church built in the middle of a boomtown tent city out on a windswept mesa in the middle of nowhere.

Today, St. Paul's embraces our 'national historic mission', while also maintaining an active Episcopal congregation with members from across Cochise County.


St.Paul's Episcopal Church
19 N. 3rd St. at Safford, 
Tombstone, AZ  85638-1489
Services every Sunday at 10:30 AM

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