St. Paul's Tombstone - History

In 1882, a beautiful Gothic Revival church was built in just a few short months. Built in the middle of a silver boomtown, a tent city on a windswept mesa in the middle of nowhere. Paid for by Wyatt Earp and... hey, watch the video. It's a story!


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St. Paul's in Tombstone


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St. Paulís in Tombstone, Arizona, the oldest Protestant Church building in the state, invites you to come see us. We are on the National Historic Register and offer a treasure of history... and, since 1882, services every Sunday at 10:30 AM.




Hear of the 47- year-old friendship of our founder Endicott Peabody and Wyatt Earp, FDR and Winston Churchill.  


Built of 16X16 adobe brick and Chiricahua red oak. How did Geronimo get into that process?


Mining for Donations: Saloons and working girls, gamblers, cowboys, miners and merchants...




Explore the original Whale Oil Lamp fixtures, pews, huge stained-glass windows and the communion rail.


How about this land, the river, the earthquake and the fire! What was it like then?


How did it take baseball to fill the pews?


Come ring the bell! Cast in Troy, NY, and weighing some 485 pounds.


Hear about the recovery of the first pump organ after a 100-year absence. Hear it played...


Why is St Paulís the only church which proudly displays its Brothel?

We took nine years to fully restore St Paulís, its grounds, Rectory, etc... while our nine-year-old acolyte grew up to become Miss Sierra Vista.




At St. Paulís there is BEAUTY EVERYWHERE. Come see and learn about this little Jewel built in 1882, 30 years before statehood, completed 8 months after the famous Gunfight at the O.K. Corral.


St.Paul's Episcopal Church
19 N. 3rd St. at Safford, 
Tombstone, AZ  85638-1489
520 458-2602 - Tony Roselli, Sr.  Warden
Services every Sunday at 10:30 AM

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